The anti-seepage geomembrane has a certain insulation effect

The anti-seepage geomembrane has certain insulation effect. Impermeable membrane geomembrane is buried in the ground, water permeability, impermeable soil, is a type of composite geomembrane. It can realize the beautification of the reservoir and the bank slope, thereby shortening the construction period. It can also play the role of drainage, reduce the gradation requirements of cushion particle size and geomembrane price, and the project does not require high energy consumption, high pollution steel skeleton, lime, stone and other hard plastic materials. Grass can grow from the outside, or it can be carried out by name. The anti-seepage geomembrane is very good at resisting plant communities.

Composite geomembrane uses geotextile instead of particle data as the protective layer of geomembrane. The composite geomembrane has high mechanical strength, such as tensile strength, tear strength, burst strength and puncture strength. The composite geomembrane caused public concern in this project.

The composite geomembrane has a relatively large friction resistance, and the geomembrane impermeable membrane has a certain amount of deformation to protect the geomembrane impermeable layer from damage, reduce freight volume, and have excellent anti-aging functions. The pore pressure and pull-up force on the contact surface of the geomembrane and the impermeable membrane soil are very easy to lose, thereby reducing the frost heave of the soil on the geomembrane, and can also be used to repair steep rock slopes, drainage ditches and reservoirs Wait. It is generally straight and close to straight. Secondly, the geomembrane has more and more protective layers than the simple high-density hdpe geomembrane, which reduces the engineering cost and thus reduces the deformation of the soil.
In addition, it will definitely not cause soil erosion due to rain or watering. The stress diffusion caused by the convex and concave defects of the bottom cushion is loose and fast, which really shows the ecological green project, environmental protection and energy saving, cost saving and deep breathing guaranteed by the southern area. The root system connects the composite geomembrane into a sturdy whole, and it is easy to maintain and pave the impervious geomembrane and engineering construction.
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