HDPE geomembrane engineering construction specifications and methods

The basic principle of HDPE geomembrane processing technology is to use the long-term waterproof layer of the geomembrane and the good use of the waterproof layer. The HDPE geomembrane is paved on the reference surface where the waterproof layer is to be solved. The thickness of the base cushion layer or concrete protective layer, which in turn produces a total, closed-type waterproof layer management system, which shows a very good guarantee for the natural environment waterproof layer and leakage prevention.
1. Before the HDPE geomembrane is laid, it must be certified by the civil engineering construction.
2. Before cutting the HDPE film, it should accurately measure its relevant specifications, and then cut according to the specific. Generally, it is not suitable to cut according to the legend specifications. It should be serialized piece by piece and recorded in detail on the special report.
3. When laying HDPE geomembrane, it is necessary to ensure less welding, and save raw materials as much as possible under the premise of quality and quantity. It is also very easy to maintain quality and quantity.
4. HDPE geomembrane interface must be free of oil stains and dust, and the steel reinforcement overlap section of HDPE geomembrane must not be sewn with dirt such as fine sand. When there is dirt, it must be cleaned and tidy before welding.
5. When the HDPE geomembrane daily electric welding is just started, it is necessary to test-weld the test piece on the spot. The total width of the steel bar overlap is not less than 10cm. Using the adjusted rate, working pressure, and temperature at that time, it is even more electric welding.
6. Welding regulations are neat, beautiful and free of slipping and skipping.
7. After the HDPE geomembrane has been installed, before covering the thickness of the protective layer, a sand bag weighing 20-40Kg should be placed every 2-5m at the edge of the membrane to prevent the anti-seepage geomembrane from being lifted by the wind.
8. HDPE geomembrane should, of course, be solid with the applicable layer and not fold or hang in the air.
9. When the HDPE geomembrane is constructed in sections, the top layer should be covered immediately after paving, and the time exposed to the gas should not exceed 30 days.

10. HDPE geomembrane steel bar anchorage must be carried out in accordance with the design plan. Construction areas with more complex geometries in the project must clearly propose other methods of steel bar anchorage, which should be carried out only after being recruited by the design company and the construction unit.

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