To strictly follow the construction plan of the geomembrane construction!


Improper construction will cause the function of the geosynthetics to not fully play. Careful construction is an important link to ensure that the geosynthetics works well.

1. The requirements of the geomembrane construction scheme are as follows:
1. Before laying the geomembrane, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the laying base together with relevant departments. The laying base should be solid and flat. There should be no tree roots, rubble, stones, concrete particles, steel heads, glass chips, etc., which may damage the waterproof Debris from the plate. Compact with a wheel compactor to remove car marks, footprints, and floor bumps. In addition, ground protrusions larger than 12mm must be shredded or compacted.
2. When the geomembrane is laid on the backfill soil, the compaction of the backfill soil should not be less than 95%.
3. The foundation of the site shall be free of water seepage, silt, water collection, organic residues and harmful substances that may cause environmental pollution. The corners of the base shall be smooth. Generally, the arc radius shall not be less than 500 mm.
2. Technical requirements for the construction of PVC anti-seepage membrane.
1. Before laying the PVC impermeable membrane, there should be corresponding acceptance certificate of civil engineering.
2. Impervious membrane laying and welding should be carried out at a temperature above 5 ° C, wind level 4 and no rain or snow.
3. The geomembrane construction process is carried out in the following order: geomembrane laying → welding seam → inspection.
4. The overlap width of the seam between the film and the film is not less than 10cm. Generally, the seam arrangement direction should be parallel to the maximum slope line, that is, arranged along the slope direction.
5. During the laying of the geomembrane, artificial wrinkles should be avoided. PVC is impervious when laying.
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