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The water-saving rate of the diversion canal constructed with the impermeable geomembrane can reach 95%


A one-kilometer-long diversion canal with an impermeable geomembrane was built. After tests, the head of the canal drained 1000m3, and only 50m3 was lost at the canal end. 950m3 of water can be directly used for farmland irrigation. The water utilization rate of the membrane channel is 95%, and the water utilization rate of the non-membrane channel is only 50%, which shows that the geomembrane plays an important role in the development of water-saving agriculture.

Due to the large temperature difference at four o'clock in the north, even the water diversion canal built with cement will freeze in winter and lose its water diversion and water supply functions. The promotion and application of anti-seepage geomembrane in channel construction can not only reduce the damage of the channel, but also will not lose water and extend the service life of the channel. The anti-seepage geomembrane applied to the reservoir can greatly reduce water loss such as water seepage and leakage, and greatly improve the utilization rate of water resources.
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