Product advantages of waterproof geotextile

With the continuous improvement of production technology, geotextiles continue to expand on the road of diversification and practicality. Waterproof geotextile is an important category of geotextile. Its popularity in the market is inseparable from its high-quality performance, and its excellent performance is also inseparable from the choice of good materials.

The waterproof geotextile is made of polymer materials, and anti-aging agents are added during the production process. They perform well in unconventional temperature environments. Dams, drains, and garbage dumps are good places to use your skills. As a kind of geotextile, waterproof geotextile naturally has good water filtering performance. It can not only be used for waterproofing, but also has a good drainage effect. Due to the strong expansibility of the raw materials used in its production, the waterproof geotextile is extremely adaptable to the deformation of the foundation, and it is also very simple and convenient to operate in specific construction operations.
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