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The role of Horticulture Weed Barrier in gardening


1. Cover the mulberry garden with Horticulture Weed Barrier, which can increase the soil temperature and moisture content, and has a moisture preservation effect on the soil.

Compared with the agricultural black film, the horticultural ground cloth has a slightly better heat preservation and moisturizing effect, especially in the second half of the autumn and winter, the temperature of the 10cm soil layer covering the horticultural busang garden is higher than the agricultural black film and the control. Covering the horticultural ground cloth, while the soil absorbs the heat of the sun, it slows the emission of heat and moisture. The horticultural ground cloth is composed of a woven structure, which maintains a certain degree of water permeability and air permeability. Moisture, light rain or dew can penetrate into the soil through the crevices of the woven structure. Compared with the closed agricultural black film, it has a better moisturizing and moisturizing effect. Due to the limitations of the test conditions, this test only investigated the temperature and moisture content of the 10cm soil layer. As for the influence of deeper soil layers and field meteorological environmental conditions, more in-depth research and discussion are needed.

2. Mulberry garden covering grass-proof cloth/garden ground cloth can increase the yield of mulberry leaves and mulberry branches

horticultural ground cloth has a better warming and moisturizing effect, and its unique permeability guarantees the exchange of gas in the soil with the outside world, promotes the respiration of mulberry root gaps, and increases the absorption of nutrients. Covering horticultural ground cloth between rows can effectively prevent rain erosion from causing nutrient and soil erosion between rows, achieve the effect of water and fertilizer conservation, improve the utilization rate of water and fertilizer in the mulberry garden, promote the growth of mulberry trees, and improve the mulberry leaves and leaves. Mulberry production. Covering agricultural black film can effectively prevent the loss of fertilizer and water, but its airtightness prevents rainwater from penetrating into the soil. The surface soil moisture content is relatively low. The depth of the layer stretches, and the amount of mulberry roots in the 10-20cm soil layer increases, which enhances the drought resistance of mulberry trees. Agricultural black film has better fertilizer retention performance, and can also improve the utilization of fertilizer and water, and increase the yield of mulberry leaves and mulberry branches.Horticulture Weed Barrier is your good choice.

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