Introduction to the excellent performance of Hdpe geomembrane


hdpe geomembrane, also known as high-density polyethylene film, is produced with high crystallinity, non-polar medium (high) density polyethylene thermoplastic resin as raw material, with a density of 0.94g/cm3 or highe

HDPE geomembrane has the following excellent properties:

It is a kind of flexible waterproof material with high anti-seepage coefficient (110-17cm/s), which only meets the anti-seepage needs of sewage evaporation tank; good temperature adaptability, high temperature 110, low temperature -70 can be used in any environment to meet wastewater discharge Temperature requirements, adapt to harsh natural climate;

It has good anti-corrosion performance, can resist chemical corrosion such as strong acid, strong alkali, oil, etc. It is a good anti-corrosion material, meeting the requirements of sewage discharge oil 5mg/L, 6pH value 9; high tensile strength, HDPE geomembrane can be used in harsh conditions It is used under the geological and climatic conditions, and the tensile strength is strong in the case of uneven geological settlement, which meets the needs of high-level projects;

It has good anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet properties in harsh natural environments, can be worn naked for a long time, is not easy to decompose, and maintains the original performance;

The use of raw high-quality plastic and carbon black particles, without preservatives, is a very environmentally friendly material, with a strong ability to resist the penetration of plant roots;

The construction is convenient and quick, with many specifications and various laying methods, which can meet the leak-proof requirements of different projects. Hot-melt welding is adopted, with high welding strength, convenient, fast and environmentally friendly construction.
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