The physical and chemical properties of the geomembrane are very good

Geomembrane can be divided into types of polymer materials. Geomembrane has excellent properties in terms of tensile resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance. Geomembrane has very good physical and chemical properties and has a long life. Different engineering constructions can be applied to geomembrane of different thickness.

The thickness of the geomembrane is selected through the application in the theory of membranes, combining different geological conditions and the water pressure on the geomembrane. The geomembrane has a permeability coefficient series of 10-14cm/s. Compared with the clay with good compactness, the geomembrane has a very strong anti-permeability ability, and it is found that the geomembrane can reach 700% elongation at break. The application of stop film in the construction of artificial water bodies and water conservancy projects can effectively meet the corresponding anti-seepage requirements.

With the development of underwater engineering construction, higher requirements have been put forward for geomembrane anti-seepage technology. This technology has been widely used. Specific anti-seepage mechanisms, impact on material anti-seepage performance, and processing technology anti-seepage technology In-depth research is needed on the impact, performance evaluation methods and specific construction aspects. With the gradual expansion of the application range of geomembrane, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the performance of geomembrane, so it needs to be fully The research to meet the needs of engineering construction.

People's investment in geomembrane research is gradually increasing, and its application range is also wider, so geomembrane has a very good development prospect. The application of geomembrane in the field of geological engineering construction in my country is not yet mature, but geomembrane has become the most important anti-seepage material in the process of geological construction. The application of geomembrane in the future will be wider and deeper.
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