Which is longer the service life of the colored geomembrane or the black geomembrane?

As we all know, the main equipment for producing geomembrane in my country is divided into laminating machine and blown film machine. Of course, the equipment is getting more and more advanced, and the produced geomembrane has been greatly improved in terms of vision and physical chemistry. So, how are the blue and green impermeable geomembrane processed? In theory, in actual design, users usually design with black and green on the other side or blue on the other side. In addition, when the two sides are colored, they are used for special projects. It is called black green and black blue. If you simply produce reverse osmosis membranes with the same color on both sides, you can make a laminating machine. When producing black-green or black-blue impermeable membranes, blow molding equipment is required for processing. Special masterbatch materials and ultraviolet strong carbon black are added in the production process, which has excellent durability.

How long can the colorful geomembrane last?

Generally designed for the closure or temporary closure of waste landfills and waste slag landfills. If it is a black and green impermeable membrane, it must include a black impermeable membrane with carbon black and other green impermeable membranes, which are laid upward on the green side of the sealing field. If it is a black-blue impermeable membrane, the same blue side faces up. Why is the colored side up? Because it is used in a temporary sealing field, blue and green are for aesthetics, instead of green vegetation, not as heat-absorbing as black, so the surface temperature will not be too high, will not wrinkle, high durability, and long life. Of course, the blue and green geomembrane is processed by special masterbatch and will not fade. Because of being exposed to the sun, the temperature is too high, and the foundation water evaporates too much to cause cracks.

How much is the price of black green and black blue geotextiles per meter?

The two are actually not calculated on the basis of one meter, but on one square meter. The price of colored geomembrane is higher than that of ordinary black geomembrane. According to the 0.8mm thickness specification, the ex-factory price of the color geomembrane in the market is about 10,200 tons. First of all, the weight of the 0.8mm geotextile is 760 grams. Multiply the gram weight by the ex-factory ton price. The unit price of the black-green and black-blue geomembrane of this specification is 7.8 yuan per square meter. Of course, the instability of raw materials will cause unit prices to rise and fall.
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