Introduction of composite geomembrane 1 cloth 1 membran

2 cloth 1 membrane is a composite geomembrane, there are also 1 cloth 1 membrane, multilayer cloth and multilayer membrane.

2 Cross 1 membrane composite geomembrane is a non-woven geotextile on both sides, and the center is an opaque geomembrane, which is also a plastic film.

Its main function is to prevent penetration, and the cloth on both sides protects the central plastic film from damage, thereby increasing the safety and stability of the anti-penetration project. The two-span, single-membrane composite geomembrane is mainly used to prevent the infiltration of basements, the infiltration of river channels, and the infiltration of artificial lakes and reservoirs in landfills. Geotextiles are used as a protective layer on the geomembrane to protect the impermeable layer from damage. It is best to use implantation method to reduce ultraviolet radiation and improve anti-aging performance.

Composite geomembrane

During the construction process, first pave the base surface with sand or clay to reduce the diameter of the material. Next, don't over-expand. Waves are added to the ends buried in the soil. Finally, spread two pieces of cloth and one piece of cloth. Use fine sand or clay to spread a 10 cm transition layer on the film. Place 20 to 30 cm stones (or precast concrete blocks) as a protective layer to prevent corrosion. During the construction process, every effort must be made to prevent the stones from directly hitting. It is best to establish a protective layer when laying the membrane. The connection between the two cloths and a layer of membrane and the surrounding structure should be fixed with expansion bolts and steel balls, and emulsified asphalt (2 mm thick) should be applied to the connection to prevent leakage. Construction co-processing is an important process that affects the direct anti-seepage effect.

The general connection method is as follows: ①Package connection: the overlap width must be greater than 15 cm. The adhesive is easy to open and has a low anti-permeation effect.
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