What are the advantages of waterproof geotextile

The waterproof geotextile is a kind of geosynthetic waterproof material made of polyethylene as a moisture-proof base material and geotextile. The moisture-proof level of the waterproof geotextile depends on the polyethylene base material.
Ask a customer: What is the effect of PVC waterproof geotextile? The person in charge of the company indicated that there are two types of impermeable and waterproof materials: polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene. Polyvinyl chloride is also a type of polymer material, with very good elongation, corrosion resistance, cold resistance and excellent deformation adaptability.

The working mechanism of the waterproof geotextile can make full use of the high strength of the geotextile, and can also reasonably use the anti-seepage and anti-moisture levels of the anti-seepage base material, effectively combining the performance characteristics between the two, and making full use of one commodity to produce two-layer leather. Features.

Waterproof geotextile production equipment company is professional, Yangzhou Bojun Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. will upgrade the workshop facilities on time to apply to these new products and some products with better sales, to ensure that the quality of products obtained by customers is the best. From the customer's point of view, the customer can go to the company for a field visit to understand the company's waterproof geotextile production formula and other information.
Waterproof geotextile has the strength and durability of geotextile, and also has a moisture-proof level, which is helpful for many projects that cannot be built with a single waterproof material to find a savior. Everyone knows that waterproof geotextile is a polyethylene commodity, and its strength is much worse than geotextile. Therefore, the moisture-proof geotextile is used where it cannot be applied.
The waterproof geotextile can be applied to many harsh construction environments, and solves the engineering problems that many polyethylene waterproof materials could not be constructed before. Waterproof geotextile is widely used, saving customers a lot of costs.
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