Consequences of improper cutting of anti-seepage geomembrane

The anti-seepage geomembrane has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. During the welding process of the hot welding machine, the pressure is adjusted to adjust the temperature, and the inspection speed of the welding lap joint is adjusted. Under normal circumstances, domestic waste landfills, sewage treatment sites and toxic and hazardous substance treatment sites are used. Anti-seepage geomembrane manufacturers propose that canals such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs should be impervious, blocked, reinforced and impervious.

The speed, pressure and temperature adjusted at the time can be used. It is a long-distance patchwork welding, polyethylene geomembrane needs to be welded first. The characteristics of impervious geomembrane need to maintain the expansion and deformation caused by temperature changes. The geographic location of the geomembrane needs to determine the positioning operation. The transportation method of the anti-seepage geomembrane at the construction site is manual lifting. The main purpose is to measure and place the paving side with steel pipes over the core.

Improper cutting of anti-seepage geomembrane will seriously interfere with work efficiency and cause the cost of anti-seepage geomembrane. The geomembrane manufacturer can first calculate the semicircular length of the round head according to the circular formula c=2πr divided by 2. Draw the total number of geotextiles to be cut, then based on the total number at the bottom.
It is important to note that a 15 cm clear stitch width must be vacated during cutting. If it is too narrow, the anti-seepage geomembrane will be paved and strapped for many times, resulting in cost and unable to meet the needs of financial manipulation. The paving direction is smooth and moderately tight. Geomembrane manufacturers adapt to sink a little. Maintain about 10cm on one side. The welding is realized by a special hot welding machine, and the geotextile is woven with a sewing machine.
The impermeable membrane is placed along the edge of the top impermeable membrane to clarify the clear width of each top. The clear width of the left stitch is 15 cm and the clear width of the middle is 30 cm. However, it is important to note that the total number of bottoms and tops must be the same. Different types of geotextiles have very different compressions, and expand along with the top of the anchorage of the wave wall by 2 meters. The weight of the sandbag is determined, and then the sandbag is pushed by hand to roll over. Polyethylene impervious geomembrane has the compression characteristics of needle punched nonwoven geotextile.
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