Composite geomembrane uniformly diffused in a three-dimensional structure


Beneficial to the reliability of composite geomembrane and its protective layer, HDPE geomembrane is also called "high density polyethylene film", has excellent environmental stress cracking, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, large temperature range, use Long term (50 years). Eco-environmental protection and sanitation engineering projects (such as urban solid waste disposal sites, sewage treatment stations, toxic and hazardous substance disposal sites, warehouses, processing plants, etc.); water conservancy and civil engineering (seepage prevention, reinforcement design, channel seepage prevention, vertical center Walls, slope protection, etc.), municipal engineering (underground engineering of subways and buildings, roof reservoirs, roof gardens, seepage prevention, sewer lining, etc.);

Five thousand ordinary grade reinforced chemical fibers and composite geomembrane exist in three-dimensional uniform diffusion. More than 800 million to 500 million chemical fibers are evenly distributed in each cubic asphalt concrete. There are 5000000, 60002, 5 chemical fibers and 5000000, 60002, 5 chemical fibers distributed uniformly in each cubic asphalt concrete three-dimensional structure. The impermeable membrane has excellent temperature resistance and cold resistance. Good chemical reliability, high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength, good resistance to environmental stress cracking and tearing, with the increase in density, physical properties and insulation properties will be relatively improved, temperature resistance, tensile strength are also High; resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvents.
The composite geomembrane is mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and EVA. These are a kind of high-molecular chemical flexible raw materials with small specific gravity, strong extensibility, high applicability to deformation, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and good cold resistance. In 6000 ~ 3.5 asphalt concrete, it is necessary to strengthen the asphalt concrete design to ensure the high-quality compressive strength, hardness, durability and crack resistance of asphalt concrete. Warp knitting reflects, in other words, warp knitting means using warp knitting. Add: kg / m3 wear-resistant layer: weft needle non-woven fabric, tarpaulin, chemical fiber layer and reuse each m3. When each cubic meter of asphalt concrete is detached from the asphalt pavement of 2, 5 kilograms, its three layers are combined into two layers, and the joints are thermally bonded and lapped. The adhesive is selected for this project. The total width of the seam is 50 mm.
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