Anti-seepage geomembrane has high flexibility

The anti-seepage geomembrane is made of polyethylene film as the base material, and is made of geotextile. The anti-seepage property mainly depends on the pe film. The PE membranes used in the Oriental anti-seepage geomembrane are mainly polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), which are chemically flexible materials with high molecular weight, small specific gravity, strong extensibility, and strong adaptability to deformation. Good corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and frost resistance. The main principle is to use plastic film to impermeable to isolate the leakage channel of the earth dam, and to bear the hydraulic pressure and the applicable dam deformation with its relatively large tensile strength and elongation.
1. High permeability coefficient-impermeable membrane has the unparalleled anti-seepage effect of ordinary waterproof coatings. High-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane has high strength and tensile mechanical properties. Its excellent elasticity and deformation level make it very suitable for expansion or contraction of the base surface, it can reasonably and effectively overcome the uneven reduction of the base surface, and has a high water vapor permeability coefficient.

2. Chemical reliability-Impermeable membranes have excellent chemical reliability and are widely used in wastewater treatment, chemical reaction tanks and landfills. Resistant to high and low temperature, asphalt, oil and tar, acid, alkali, salt, etc. 80 kinds of strong acid and alkali chemical media corrosion.

3. Anti-aging—The anti-seepage geomembrane has excellent anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-decomposition levels, can be used naked, and the service life of the material can reach 50-70 years, giving excellent material safety guarantee for environmental anti-seepage .
4. Plant-resistant rhizomes—High-density polyethylene impermeable geomembrane has excellent puncture resistance and can resist most plant rhizomes
5. High mechanical strength-The impermeable membrane has excellent mechanical strength, the tensile strength at break is 28 MPa, and the elongation at break is 700%.
6. Low cost and high benefit-High-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane adopts new technology to improve anti-seepage effect, but the production process is more scientific and convenient, and the production cost is less than traditional waterproof coating. According to actual calculations, the general engineering cost of selecting high-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane should be able to save about 50%.
7. The project construction speed is fast-the anti-seepage geomembrane has high flexibility, has various specifications and laying methods, and meets the anti-seepage regulations of different projects. Hot-melt welding is selected, with high welding strength, convenient engineering construction, and convenient and healthy actual operation.
8. Environmental protection and non-toxic-The materials used for anti-seepage geomembrane are all non-toxic and new environmentally friendly materials. The basic principle of impermeability is a relatively common physical change and does not form any harmful substances. It is the first choice for environmental protection, breeding and drinking water.
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