Many farming fishermen are gradually adopting anti-seepage geomembrane

Impermeable film commodities have been used in many engineering industries. Aquaculture is the most popular. The excellent anti-seepage environmental protection characteristics and performance of the anti-seepage geomembrane maximize the protection of the water environment. Many farming fishermen gradually use anti-seepage geomembrane for anti-seepage construction of fishing ponds. How to construct anti-seepage geomembrane for small fishing ponds?

How to construct anti-seepage geomembrane for Xiaoyutang?

1. Drain the pool water, dig out debris and sludge, and dry for 1-20 days in winter. Then spread a layer of 15-20 cm thick clay on the bottom and slope of the pool, mechanically rolling or compacting, and then laying a 0.5 mm thick anti-seepage geomembrane as an anti-seepage layer, according to the shape of the fishing pond Measure its size, then cut and compact it according to the specific situation.
2. When splicing impermeable membranes, the overlap width between membranes and membranes is usually not less than 15cm. After paving the anti-seepage geomembrane, the walking and movement of the membrane surface should be minimized, otherwise the anti-seepage geomembrane will be damaged. Finally, sprinkle some grass seeds on the slope to prevent rainwater from entering the slope.
During the construction of the project, if it is a small fishing pond, red brick walls can be considered, 5cm gravel concrete is poured at the bottom, and the mortar is used internally and externally with the cement construction until the construction is completed and the concrete is dense. If you think it is practical, quickly adopt it.
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