The attack effectiveness of HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane in septic tank is very important


The high-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane can not only play a moisture-proof effect in the septic tank of aquaculture farms, but also build a biogas tank when the septic tank is completely closed. High-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane biogas digester has the advantages of large anaerobic fermentation level, long residence time of wastewater, large amount of biogas slurry discharge, low operation and cleaning costs. It is especially suitable for dealing with the problem of cultivating manure in large and medium-sized aquaculture farms and aquaculture farms during the whole process of "soaking feces".

Geomembrane biogas pool integrates gas storage and alcohol production. It has simple decoration engineering, low construction budget, convenient practical operation and protection, long residence time of wastewater, sufficient digestion and absorption, good sealing characteristics, large daily biogas slurry volume, the use of biogas to generate waste heat, high-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane digestion and absorption The advantages of sunlight, good temperature and heat preservation characteristics, automatic sludge storage equipment of the storage tank, and small amount of sludge at the bottom of the tank, etc.
High-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane has the advantages of excellent temperature resistance and cold resistance, excellent biological reliability, high rigidity and elongation, excellent fracture toughness, excellent environmental shear cracking resistance and fracture strength. High-density polyethylene anti-seepage geomembrane plays a very important role in the septic tank. It can replace a large number of moisture-proof materials, and can be used in batches in pig farms and other agricultural septic tanks.

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